Sustainability and Manufacturing

To be truly sustainable is to be circular and regenerative. That is why we are committed to making the most environmentally conscious choices available and pushing for change in areas that we can.

The sustainable path is a challenging one, we will not be perfect from the start, but we are here for the long term. We will be honest with you and acknowledge the challenges we face in building a sustainable brand, whilst also celebrating the wins with you so that you can make a difference to the world simply by purchasing our products.

East is committed to minimising the overall waste that comes from fashion production, opting to work primarily with renewable and biodegradable materials.

In recent times we attempted, over a long period of time, to work with Australian manufacturers in order to create the most eco-friendly products without the need for shipping but were met with endless challenges that almost cost the continuation of our business.

Therefore, we have located our manufacturing overseas and instead have convinced a large manufacturer (which even produces for some of the biggest brands in Australia) to start using eco-friendly production methods and materials.

This in-turn makes these eco-friendly options available to the larger brands working with the factory. Utlimately, this has a much larger positive effect than if we had continued to persevere with Australian manufacturing. In saying this we are always working behind the scenes in the search for ethical and eco-friendly Australian manufacturers so we welcome any contact or referrals of suitable Australian manufacturers.

Keeping our community and environment in mind, we aim to cause no unnecessary harm and create with intention and an appreciation for quality that stands the test of time. By producing premium products that offer versatility and longevity, we stand by our responsibility to not overproduce and support the expansion of sustainability in fashion production.