About EASt

EASt is a brand based on encouraging and supporting creativity as well as contributing to society and the environment not only around us but to those that aren't in plain sight to the every day person.
We love to see people doing thing's differently and in a manner that is true to themselves and their purpose with the idea of contributing to enriching the world.
Our products speak of timeless, non-conformist style with our own flair in order for the EASt community to be one that stands out with truly notable style in a growing crowd that adheres to the latest mundane trend.
EASt's mission that we aim to adhere to in everything we do reads:

"Create an inspirational community, body of work and products that are of substance, style and inspire others to live their purpose.

 Our ultimate goal is to create self a sustaining charity effecting the lives of the people and areas of the planet that need it most.

Basically, we just want to make cool thing’s to help other’s and the planet."

Our main goal is to grow our business in a way that we can set up our own self sustaining charitable initiative that people can contribute to effortlessly by making every day purchases from EASt.