EASt Artist Exhibition Series: Introducing Izzy Voxx
Sometimes you meet people and their sweetness shines through.
Then comes a curve ball that throws you, like, where the f' did that come from?
In the case of Izzy Voxx, her art was just that curve ball for me.
Izzy's sweet, softly spoken, super polite and lovely. Her art is full of aliens, knives and dark tones.
EASt spoke to Izzy and she explains how it feels natural and healthy to let the darkest parts of ourselves out and maybe that's why she can remain so sweet.
An outlet to regurgitate anxieties, fears and dark side in a healthy and creative way is sweet and lovely in itself.
Perhaps the characters in her artworks are actually full of good, telling her "Hey, here we are but you can see us and put us out here for you to reflect on and observe without consuming you."
To celebrate Izzy Voxx's exhibition at our Byron Bay store this Thursday we put together this short clip with Izzy.
If you'd like to listen to her full interview click on this link.
And if you'd like to check out Izzy's gallery, we'll see you at EASt Store, 23 Jonson Street, Byron Bay this Thursday 10th June, 630pm
Tunes by Luca Young, drinks from Sunly Seltzer and Little Dragon Ginger Beer.
We'll also be selling limited edition Izzy Voxx collab' t-shirts and jumpers on the night with all profits going to Izzy, the Rescue Foundation India and Northern Rangelands Trust.